SUMMARY Media Made Easy™! is a streaming media service offered by Simplestream Inc. Media Made Easy™! offers streaming video, on-demand and live streaming events hosting. Monetize your digital media in a managed cloud hosting ecosystem over a global CDN.

Media producers, content managers, Entrepreneurs and SMB’s can monetize their digital media, more than any existing streaming video service with our proprietary Paas and SaaS Digital Media Management System (DMMS™).

Simplestream™, was founded and launched in Columbus, Ohio U.S.A. August 2009 as “Media Made Easy!™” The Company operates throughout The Americas North & South America since 2009 and in Asia – China, India and Indonesia since 2015.

Simplestream Inc. is headquartered in New York, New York U.S.A.

To make a global contribution to how people receive information and enjoy entertainment over the Internet and mobile devices.

To provide secure, fast, reliable, low-cost, managed cloud hosting solutions, that enable clients to easily monetize and stream high-definition digital media to people around the globe over computers, smart phones and tablet devices.


Video Streaming:

      Streaming HD quality Video to computers, smart phones and tablet devices.

Live Event Streaming:

      On Demand or Pay-Per-View.

Pay-Per-View Streaming:

      Live or On Demand.

Advertiser Locator:

      Secure sponsors and advertisers for clients.

Managed Cloud Hosting:

    Media Storage & Media Management, Streaming Media Distribution.